COVID-19 Donation

We've converted our store into a place where you can make donations in exchange for an eBook of Workouts. 

This is to support fitness clubs that have had to close due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Like many other fitness clubs, they have chosen to provide free workouts online to help the community while they are stuck at home. They have agreed to consolidate their workouts into a single, easy to digest, eBook in exchange for donations. The eBook comes with 30 workouts, 15+ weekly live workouts, and 20+ recorded past workouts that can be done at home. Every purchase is split evenly with all who created and contributed content for this eBook


Fitness Clubs that have provided content, access to live classes, and access to past/future recorded sessions are:

Invictus Jiu Jitsui
Let It Be Yoga
Mi Vida Yoga
The Hit Fit Club
The Performance Ranch
Vivify Hot Yoga


*** You will receive the same eBook of Workouts for any of these donations. We are grateful for whatever you feel is appropriate. ****

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